Contagious equine metritis (CEM) for the practitioner

Martin Schulman qualified as a veterinarian at the University of Pretoria and subsequently obtained registration as a Specialist in veterinary reproduction with the award of the MMedVet(Gyn) degree. More recently he was awarded a PhD from Utrecht University with a thesis entitled “The impact of herpesviruses on reproductive performance in horses”.

He spent several years in general veterinary practice in the UK and specialist practice in South Africa, primarily involved in equine reproduction.

As a Professor at the Veterinary Faculty of Pretoria University, he is involved in teaching, research and clinical duties. He is additionally one of a very few specialists in South Africa involved in a private capacity, covering most aspects of equine reproduction and stud medicine. This service includes evaluation of Thoroughbred and "Sport Horse" mares and stallions for breeding soundness and reproductive and fertility disorders as well as stallion semen freezing and AI and embryo transfer of mares.


27 minutes




Problems of Pregnancy

Qualified Vet

$ 35.00

Intern/Resident (Requires proof of status)

$ 26.00

Veterinary Student (Requires proof of status)

$ 14.00

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