Applied microscopy for theriogenologists

My laboratory is focused on male fertility male and aging. We study the effects on fertility, semen quality, and cryopreservation from spermatozoal reactive oxygen species and sperm mitochondrial function. The goal of the research in my laboratory is to understand the effects from oxidative stress and preservation of genetic resources from mammalian and aquatic organisms, specifically the horse, dog, and migratory fishes such as salmonids and sturgeon that are vital to advancing biomedical and agricultural research and knowledge. As such, my laboratory focuses on mechanisms of oxidative stress in gametes of both sexes and embryos and early embryonic development.

Sperm cell biology, stallion infertility, evaluation of sperm function, cryobiology of mammalian sperm, in vitro fertilization of horses (ICSI), equine embryo developmental biology, Theriogenology.


34 minutes




Techniques in Reproductive Examination

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