How to recognise the importance of oxidative stress during sperm storage

Dr Zamira Gibb is a postdoctoral researcher in the field of equine fertility enhancement who works closely with industry to improve reproductive outcomes.

A request by a horse breeder has resulted in Dr Zamira Gibb and a team of researchers at the University of Newcastle working at the cutting edge of applied reproductive technology for livestock and, more recently, aquaculture.

Producing around half of all horses born in Australia and employing hundreds of thousands of people, the Hunter Valley's equine breeding industry is a valuable, sustainable, and culturally significant contributor to the Australian economy.

A combination of external factors such as pollutants, stress and land degradation, plus thousands of years of artificial selection in human sanctioned breeding processes, has seen the fertility of horses decrease over time.

Zamira works with the Thoroughbred racehorse industry - using natural methods only - and the Standardbred racehorse industry - using artificial reproductive technology - to improve fertility and improve reproductive outcomes, with a focus on stallions.

Working closely with several prominent industry groups including Harness Racing Australia, the Hunter Valley Equine Research Centre and equine reproductive specialists in both Australia and New Zealand, Zamira is a talented speaker renowned for her ability to present appropriately pitched information to both industry and scientific audiences alike.

Her understanding of the science down to the molecular level, plus depth of knowledge of both the veterinary and breeding industries, uniquely positions Zamira as a powerful conduit for the expedition of improvements in industry practice, as well as a scout for the identification of areas of industry need.


54 minutes




Semen Collection, Evaluation and Artificial Insemination

Qualified Vet

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Veterinary Student (Requires proof of status)

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