How to manage exercise and nutrition for the breeding stallion

Dr Steve Jackson obtained a BSc  in Animal Science from Texas A&M University, USA in 1974 prior to completing a PhD in Equine Nutrition and Exercise Physiology at the University of Kentucky in 1981 where he continued his research until 1990. At this point, he moved to become Vice President at Kentucky Equine Research. In 1996, he established Bluegrass Equine Nutrition where he remains the owner and President. Professional service includes acting as President of the Equine Nutrition and Physiology Society and amongst many awards, his Fellowship of the equine Science Society is most cherished. Dr Jackson is a consultant in equine nutrition and management, working with internationally renowned, mainly Thoroughbred stud farms in north and south America, Europe and Australasia and also with feed manufacturers. Aside from his work, Dr Jackson’s many hobbies include rugby, fox hunting, horse racing and breeding Thoroughbred horses.


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